70’s Customization For Mini Vans


70's Customization For Mini Vans

Back in the Seventies people were buying up old work vans (all they made were work vans at the time) and fixing them up into party vans. Boarding up the walls, adding a bed, table, drawers, stereo and a wild paint job.

Shop then started opening up and building them to order. How you wanted the interior done and with what type of stereo system. The color of paint and what type of graphics. Not as individual and personal as the vans just a few years before.

Then the custom vans evolved a step further, the motor companies like ford and GM started to just make them from the factory already fixed up. Now even less personalized. They started to make mini vans that were all fixed up on the inside, and as you know became extremely popular. The size of the smaller van is very convenient and much better on gas with the high prices of today.

But I miss the personalization of the vans in the Seventies. I just think it would be nice to merge the two ideas. I painted my old Dodge van back in ’81 when I first started custom painting. It was named the “Bungle in the Jungle”. Now I do motorcycle flames and graphics. I don’t believe the custom van craze will ever come back but, I have an urge to take a mini van and fix up the insides “retro” and paint it the same way. 70’s Style Customization for Mini Vans