A Review Of The Ford E-Series Van


A Review Of The Ford E-Series Van

When it comes to an established history, few auto companies can match the legacy of Ford Motor Company. The same can be said for the Ford Econoline van; this vehicle has lasted through fifty years. It’s still around but it has been renamed the E-Series. If you have a large family then it doesn’t get any better than this auto; it can seat anywhere from 7-15 individuals depending on how the seats are configured. In addition it also offers towing capacity of up to ten thousand pounds. The exterior of the Econoline is a functional and without any frills; the front resembles that of a truck. A wide grille is at the forefront with the Ford emblem displayed.

Most buyers like the chance to customize their ride and the E-Series lets you do just that. Many options can be added at an additional cost such as Ford’s intuitive Sync system which allows you to place calls by using voice commands, a navigation system with turn by turn directions. Business users can even install Ford’s Work Solutions System which actually includes a full work station and PC with internet connection. Now you can surf and work all while on the road. What’s special about the E-series is that it offers an optional second row of seating which can be removed. This means that you can maximize space if you are not planning on transporting lots of people around.

Two engines are available; a powerful V10 which is ideal for towing heavy stuff while the V8 is perfect for driving lots of people and cargo around town. The base engine puts out 225 hp and 286 lb feet of torque. The top of the live V10 puts out 305 hp and 420 lb feet of torque. If you plan on doing lots of towing the V10 is highly recommended. If you plan on driving lots of people around then the mid-level 5.4 Liter V8 would be a good option; this engine is a step up from the base model. Handling is not the best; however the E-series is for those who value practicality above high performance.

Another cool feature is the three power points which allows you to charge your laptop even while on the road. Safety features include front air bags, four wheel anti lock brakes and stability control. A reverse sensing system is place which lets you know if there are objects behind you when you are reversing.

If you have a large family and do some fairly frequent towing then the E-series would be just perfect. In addition it can also be utilized for work and business related activities as well as for personal and family transportation. The E-Series is competitively priced at $28k, a fair price considering all it has to offer.