An All-New SUV for 2007 from GMC


An All-New SUV for 2007 from GMC

An all-new full-size SUV, General Motors Company has introduced the new 2007 Yukon to the public with its distinctive styling, spacious and totally refined interiors, and enhanced safety features.

According to John Larson, GMC’s general manager, “The all-new 2007 Yukon brings GMC’s professional grade philosophy to a new level – we’re aiming to provide customers more than they expect in all respects.” For the new Yukon has been crafted with distinguished sleek, expressive styling that brings about a new look for GMC vehicles. This new look conveys GMC’s professional grade qualities and a distinct design from the other brands of the company. Also, the new vehicles present and exude more power and better fuel economy than the vehicles they had replaced, thus accentuating the company’s “more than expected” reputation.

The new 2006 GMC Yukon is made available early this first quarter of 2006 with SLE in cloth trim, and SLT trim with leather appointments, and it also has 2WD and 4WD configurations. The distinct design for this model is that it has a sleeker, and more taut form with wraparound front and rear fascias, styled mirrors, and integrated running boards that provide a seamless, contemporary appearance. There are tight tolerances between its exterior components, and has a tuned, wheels-to-the-corners proportion. And giving the vehicle a confident, broad-shouldered attitude are its wheels that had been aligned on the same place as the outer edges of its fenders.

The interior of this new GMC vehicle for 2006 has been made to be more spacious and more refined. It includes an increased cargo capacity with a spacious, luxurious environment all owing to the premium two-tone color scheme and lower-positioned instrument panel. It also carries thinner and sculpted seat designs and detailed trims. Amenities have been added in for comfort and luxury – heated seats for first- and second-row passengers. The front row seats offer more fore/aft and recline travel. The second-row seats, on the other hand, have an increased seatback recline angle for additional comfort.

As for this new vehicle’s safety and security, GMC has certainly made sure that this would not be added just as an afterthought. This 2006 GMC Yukon is made to feature a 360-degree safety system designed around the pillars of occupant protection, driver control, and personal safety. The amazing list includes exclusive safety belt pretensioners that are linked to sensors for rear-end crashes, and have been integrated into a stronger vehicle structure that is also designed for improved compatibility with other vehicles. This helps out in protecting those people that are either inside or outside of the vehicle, during or after a crash. Also, these pretensioner sensors has the ability to trigger the front seat pretensioners during a rear-end collision, so as to hold the occupants firmly in place and thus help prevent any kind whiplash injury.