Are You Up For The Challenge?


Are You Up For The Challenge?

As with a challenge and not a professional ATV race, anyone can enter a challenge…be it amateurs or experts. The most important thing is to know where you stand and how well you can manage your machine. Some ATV challenges are not intended to be full-fledged, wheel-rubbing races. Instead some challenges are designed targets amateur ATV riders to encourage them to take on the sport more seriously.

Take the QuadMasters Challenge as an example. The challenge runs in a pretty relaxed manner when compared to other more serious professional ATV races. The QuadMasters Challenge sends their riders through many different ATV tracks in different parts of the country all throughout the year. And at the end of the year, the Champion who runs through the tracks in the least amount of time is selected and crowned.

So, with challenges like the QuadMasters Challenge, you’ll have the whole year to get accustomed to the tracks and also sharpen your skill behind the ATV.

It would be great if you could really find a challenge that has many different classes for the whole family to enter. For example, if they have a category for youth ATV riders, GREAT….send your kids in too! It’ll be a fun and exciting event to look forward to. You don’t even have to think about holiday destinations at the end of the day and you’re probably killing two birds with one stone.

In some ATV challenges, there were even categories for women and amateur ATV riders. These classes are basically for people (or women) who are not as skilled as others and yet would like to compete and test out their skills. If you’re really into modifying machines and looking at the ATV engine really excites you, you could find some really good competitions to enter whereby they judge the best modified machine.

What’s really fun about these challenges is that they give ATV racing a new feel. Instead of just riding around a track or trail where sightseeing is the main event, in a challenge, there are timbers, boulders, rocks, stones, whoops to ride over and avoid, there are mud pits and cars to climb. If that doesn’t sound like the ultimate ATV rider’s playground, I don’t know what else is!