ATV Hunting for Beginners


ATV Hunting for Beginners

Getting involved in a hobby or recreational sport like ATV riding involves a considerable amount of cash, so, it’s fair to say that we have to be very…no, VERY careful about the kind of ATV that we invest in. the biggest question we will have to start with is how serious are we about ATV riding? How serious are we expecting ourselves to be once we have it? And of course, the next question is how much we are willing to spend on getting the ATV and what type of ATV are we looking for. A ballpark figure for an ATV should be anything between $2,000 up to about $8,500 for a really feature-packed one. For beginners, it’s alright to start with a basic ATV model and upgrade it as you progress. You can replace it when you feel that there is a need for a better model.

Most add-ons or accessories are not necessary, so, don’t bother with most of the add-ons of cosmetic value. Instead, something like an ATV helmet or proper ATV riding attire is a must. These are accessories that will keep you safe whenever you are riding your ATV. Oh, and one more thing, it is not advisable for you to get second hand helmets because helmets wear out pretty easily – and you wouldn’t be able to accurately guess how extensively the helmets have been in use before you took over.

What kind of ATV rider are you?

Before purchase, think about this very carefully. what is your purpose of buying an ATV? Are you into it for….
1. …the speed, the adventure, the fun and the excitement?
2. …the functionality of the ATV and use it to haul stuff or plow snow?
3. …a little bit of everything?

Deciding on the ATV that you want

Those who are into ATV riding for the speed and thrill, typically, prefer the 2 stroke engines over the 4 stroke ones. The 2 stroke ATV have more pep and use oil mixed with gasoline. Of course, the next thing you’ll have to think about is the kind of transmission…for instance, do you want automatic transmission, semi-auto transmission or a manual transmission? ATVs with manual transmission works pretty much the same way the gear of a car. If you’re a beginner, you might want to consider an ATV with automatic transmission first. Riding an ATV with manual transmission can be quite a challenge especially if you’ve never driven a car, ridden a motorbike or an ATV before. An ATV with semi-auto transmission is a cross between a manual and an auto. There are many variations among semi-automatic transmission models in the market. it will be great if you could get the help of a well-informed sales assistant to help you choose a suitable semi-automatic transmission ATV for you.

Gentleman…start your ATVs

Although this is not the most important factor to take into account, for some, it makes a world of difference. You can choose between the following start methods…the Electric Start, the Kick Start and the Pull Start. With Electric Start, you can start the ATV with a simple push of a button. The Kick Start method requires you to use your leg to push a lever located, usually, at the lower portion of the ATV. The Pull Start method works the same way you would work a lawn mower…yes, and that is to yank at a string to start the ATV.