Auto Detailing Tools of the Trade MYTEE Products


Auto Detailing Tools of the Trade MYTEE Products

In the auto detailing business there are many companies that serve the industry with equipment. One company, which seems to be omni-present it MYTEE Products, Inc. If you are in the industry you know them as the company, which makes carpet extractors and steam cleaners, which are used in the auto detailing shops across America. Our company uses them and I have seen these units in competitors detail shops and on mobile detailing rigs in many of the states I have traveled to.

Our company, The Detail Guys, have been using MYTEE Products for over a decade. So we thought we ought to visit the MYTEE Manufacturing Corporate Offices in San Diego, CA. We met with Mr. Matt Sawqed, manufacturing consultant for the company. We discussed many of MYTEE’s new innovations, some of which are still secret to the Industry. We offered to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, but after ten years of doing business, that was not necessary since what is good for MYTEE is good for The Detail Guys. You will be glad to know that they are in fact working on some wonderful new tools for the industry.

We discussed with Matt our satisfaction with their products and changes we needed to continue our relationship. Matt discussed how these new innovations and engineering using the latest and greatest technologies would solve nearly all of our desires and certainly all of our real needs. Matt assured us after a tour of their new product lines, how their products would perform better, with less energy, smaller size and better performance. Only MYTEE is addressing these issues and revising it’s entire product line to meet the needs of our detailing industry.

Our needs are that of size for small space requirements as we adapt our units to fit on industrial carts for parking structures and to take up less space for more water capacity. Also these new units will be able to run with less than 12-15 Amps. Which is a major concern due to the portable generators on the trucks. Our needs for quick heating water are easily met by MYTEE who has risen to nearly every single challenge we could through at them. It appears that their dealer network is also expanding and able to match our needs in all the states we are now servicing as well as those in remote regions and rural areas that we may never serve.

One of the major services that MYTEE makes products for is the Carpet Steam Cleaning and Carpet Extraction for interior detailing. As many of you know it is very important to have adjustable machines to put out very little water when cleaning the interior of corporate jets. Also needed is the use of special chemicals for older and antique cars with high values whether it be intrinsic or appraised. We are happy to report also that MYTEE has offered to change their injection molding process to produce customized YELLOW molded units, these are our company colors, but also great colors for any auto detailing companies for safety reasons.

If you are needing an additional steam cleaner or carpet extractor you will want to compare the MYTEE units before purchasing, think on this.