Buses and Large Vans in Washington DC Need Spiked Tires to Prevent Sliding – Road Safety Issues


Buses and Large Vans in Washington DC Need Spiked Tires to Prevent Sliding - Road Safety Issues

There have just been too many bus accidents in Washington DC, and several involving school buses, and young children. There have also been accidents where people get thrown under the bus which is quite common in Washington DC our nation’s capital. It occurred to me the other day that what we really need is to have spiked tires on the buses to prevent them from sliding and slipping in the snow and ice in the wintertime.

You never know what slimy grime you might run over, which could cause you to skid and slide and go out of control, perhaps hurting the people on the bus. You see spiked tires will work great in case you have to throw someone under the bus; something that is often done in Washington DC, so they can save their own skins. But all kidding aside, something needs to be done to prevent any harm from coming to the young children that ride the bus to school.

Any accidents that happen in Washington DC often hit the national and international media, and we need to prevent that so we don’t end up scaring parents around the country or all over the world. Recently, one thought we had was to have the exhaust of the bus point towards the rear tires, actually just ahead of them. This would help keep the tires warm, and also help melt the ice every time the bus stopped to pick up more people.

We quickly realized that wouldn’t be enough to deal with those bureaucrats who are thrown under the bus, along with the politicians, as that could cause a bumpy ride, or grease and slime which might cause the bus to skid. Therefore, it makes sense that about the only thing you could use his spiked tires. These spiked tires work with really good in places like North Dakota, and Washington DC should consider all this. After all, this article is all about bus safety! Please think on it.