Converting a Used Van Into a Business Sign Considered


Converting a Used Van Into a Business Sign Considered

Why not buy a used van and convert it to advertising for your small business? It is amazing how many sign ordinances that cities have. Mostly this is due because of abuse, as one business will put up a big sign, and overshadowing another – or the city starts getting ratty looking, with all the junk signs everywhere. Still, there are ways to overcome these rules if you want to make sure your business gets noticed.

Vehicles with signage on them are usually allowed, and generally don’t fall within the municipal sign ordinances. This is because a vehicle from another town may drive into the city, and does not have a business license in the town or is not even doing business there, so obviously don’t have to follow the rules. We live in a mobile society, with the freedom to travel. Can you see that point?

Because of this, it opens up opportunities in marketing. One opportunity that it offers is you can buy a box truck or van, and paint letters and put signage on it – then park it in front of your business. It can be your own personal vehicle to drive the work, and you can paint it a bright color with big letters.

So where is the best place to get a good use van you ask? Well it depends if you want the vehicle to be running or not. It is possible that you can take a used Van which doesn’t run from the junkyard and sand it all down and paint it with really nice letters, make sure there are no dents in it. Cost about $400, and then you can put on chrome bumpers and nice chrome wheels (with lock-lug-nuts) – Yes, then you could have it painted at the real paint shop if you want, and have it towed to your property and parked.

Every once in a while move it to a different parking stall, that way no one knows it isn’t working. No one knows if it has an engine in it, see that point? Or, you can invest more and drive the van to and from work, and park it there every day. Since it is your personal vehicle no one can tell you can’t park it there, and your van has great signage on it, and you can even painted bright yellow. I recommend, if you are having problems with sign ordinances in your town, that you try this marketing trick.

And since we are in a recession right now, you can probably pick up a used Van which actually runs for $800 or less. That’s a lot cheaper than you can pay if you put up a sign in front of your business, or had to pay the fees to the city and then the sign company to do it. Also you don’t have to get approved by the planning commission on a van. You can do all this within a week, and it will drive customers to your business. Please consider all this.