Finding Parts For Your Classic Car


Finding Parts For Your Classic Car

So, you’ve found that sweet vintage car that you’ve been dreaming about for years. She’s a real beaut, but still needs a little work and you are going to need to source out some old car parts. The question you have now is how do I find the old car parts I am going to need. Should I buy new or used? Only after reviewing all of your options can you make an educated, solid decision regarding the old car parts that you put in your project classic car. The internet has become a very powerful tool for finding your restoration parts. Just try to Google “old car parts” or even the exact type of part you need, and you will usually find pages of suppliers, and ads for people selling there used parts.

If you are on a tight budget, then you are probably looking at used old car parts. When you don’t have an unlimited budget, if you want a good price on the old car parts, you may find yourself spending hours on the phone, or walking around wrecking yards. You can also look up all the local classic car clubs, they usually have classified sections, or members with parts to trade or sell. Make sure you take care to properly inspect the parts before taking them home.

New parts are another option, but some manufacturers no longer make the parts for some older cars. The quality is higher, but you are out of luck if you are looking for a body panel or original radio. As long as you do your homework online, you will get good quality parts. One way to ensure this the feedback score. If you already buy parts online from a site like eBay, then you know how well the system works. Anyone with a feedback score of 30 or more, is going to treat you like gold.

If you aren’t having much luck finding car parts, used parts were not available and new parts were no longer manufactured, then you may have to consider fabrication. This is going to cost you a bit more, but you will get the exact old car part you need.

Use all the resources you have wisely, give you self more time to work in your garage, and less time finding the parts you need.