Mobile Oil Changing, Car Washing and Auto Detailing at Office Complexes


Mobile Oil Changing, Car Washing and Auto Detailing at Office Complexes

It is smart for mobile auto services businesses such as mobile oil change companies, mobile car wash firms and mobile automotive detailing specialists to secure office complex accounts with the property management companies. These property management companies often have many properties and lease buildings to corporations, small businesses and often own whole industrial parks as well.

One successful oil change company and combination auto detailing entrepreneur states; “You are right about the Realty Corporation. It has been our 2nd biggest source of revenue this year. You mentioned that you have several such properties on the West Coast. What sort of marketing have you found to be effective for reaching the tenants of the office buildings?”

Well, we rubber stamped envelopes with simple forms for Corporations and the customer would fill it out, put their key and check inside. Then place it in a collection box up front, which we provided. For mobile car washing it worked best although this also worked well for mobile oil change services too.

It takes six mobile car wash trucks at 60 cars a day to = 1 full time busy oil change van, due to oil change frequency intervals and we got it down to about 13:23 for an average oil change on a passenger car. If you are in the Mobile Oil Changing, Car Washing or Auto Detailing business you might consider offering your services at Office Complexes. Think on this in 2006.