Needed Equipment for an Off-Road Trip – ATV Battery and Motorcycle Batteries


Needed Equipment for an Off-Road Trip - ATV Battery and Motorcycle Batteries

Trip planning is often stressful, especially if you’re going completely off-road and miles into the wilderness. An extra ATV battery and motorcycle batteries may not seem terribly important, but they could save a lot of headache. No one wants to be miles away from civilization without tools, a flashlight or other necessities.

Don’t let planning your next trip be overly stressful; keep this checklist handy:

Flashlight: Don’t underestimate this small, but much needed item. Even if you’re just planning a day trip, take a flashlight just in case you’re out past dusk and something happens to prevent you from getting home safely.

Toolbox: This may seem redundant, but a little reminder never hurt anyone. Always make sure your most-needed tools are in the toolbox and the toolbox is in the vehicle with all of your other necessary items.

Jack: Make sure to take a jack in case you need to change a tire or get under the ATV to fix something. You never know what may go wrong when you’re miles away from everything familiar and need something so simple.

Pry Bar: Thin and easy to stow away in the back of the truck or in the trailer with your ATV or motorcycle, a pry bar could come in very handy for lifting heavy items.

Spare Tires: Flats happen. No one likes them, but tires do occasionally go flat. Take a spare tire for each motorcycle or ATV you take on the trip. A can of tire fixer and portable air pump is also a nice addition to any off-road trip.

Electric Drill: Changing parts in the middle of the wilderness is time consuming. An electric drill with attachments and extra batteries could save a lot of time in the event something breaks down.

Tape: Both duct tape and electrical tape should always be kept in your toolbox for emergencies. You never know when something electrical may malfunction, requiring on-the-spot repair. Duct tape is strong enough to hold some pretty serious weight if needed for parts that don’t generate heat.

First Aid Kit: Never leave home on a motorcycle or ATV trip without a first aid kit. Simple first aid should always be understood by all participating in the trip. Advanced first aid is preferable in the event of serious injury. Consider first aid and CPR classes in case of emergencies.

Batteries: Extra flashlight batteries, motorcycle batteries, or an ATV battery are absolute necessities. You may not always have cell phone service, but make sure you take a fully charged phone just in case of emergencies.

This is a very basic checklist for the bare necessities. Your list of personal necessities may be a bit more entailed. Other items you decide to take may be added to the list on an as-needed basis. Some other items may include a sleeping roll, a hammock or tent, or even cooking utensils for overnight stays.

The checklist for a full camping trip will, of course, be much bigger. Aside from motorcycle batteries, an ATV battery, and tools; you’ll need canned foods with a manual can opener. Don’t forget the toilet paper. Every trip should also include a ready-to-leave checklist so you make sure to leave the wilderness as clean as it was when you arrived.