SUV – Four-Wheel-Drive Ultimate Style


SUV - Four-Wheel-Drive Ultimate Style

Fancy zipping around in a snazzy and powerful vehicle? Then, sports utility vehicles or SUVs as commonly known are meant for you. SUVs are powerful passenger vehicles which are a combination of the functionality of a large pick-up vehicle and the spacious seating of a station-wagon. These vehicles are also known as `off-road vehicle` or `four-wheel drive vehicle`, because they are commonly used for rough-terrain driving.

Sports utility vehicles are capable of tackling all sorts of terrain and their large storage capacity make them ideal for rugged areas. They are also used for regions which otherwise would be unreachable by other motors. A full-sized sports utility vehicle has three rows of seats with the luggage area behind the last row. Even the most compact ones will not have less than five seats. These vehicles can tow big trailers, caravans and boats with comparative ease because of their powerful towing capacity. They have large interiors, higher ride height and are supposed to have a higher safety drive.

Sports utility vehicles have always been very popular with rural buyers because of their `off-road` capabilities and the vehicles for urban use have usually been developed from their more rugged, rural counterparts. Compact SUVs are more suited to city driving and they can be stylish, yet, not cost very much. The seating capacity maybe for five passengers but they have high seating positions and also maybe available in `four-wheel drive` making them suitable for `off-road` terrain.

Some SUV users may find that these smaller versions offer more car-like rides than might be expected in a small jeep. These compact versions may be the answer to those who feel that SUVs are more like light trucks instead of passenger vehicles. The towing capacity of these compact sports utility vehicles maybe less powerful but they have fully independent suspension and their standard seat fabric is water-resistant making it for easy cleaning.

SUVs generally appeal to our sense of adventure and being larger and sometimes more expensive than other cars, the buying process may turn out to be a harrowing experience. It is always better to be aware that a new SUV, like any other new car, will incur new costs but in higher quantities. Insurance rates, fuel charges, taxes and licensing may be more than what you would pay for a different car and despite, attempts to streamline its fuel capacity, it is still not as fuel-efficient when compared to other cars. Realizing this, SUVs manufacturers are looking at using alternative fuels like diesel, bio-diesel and ethanol.

SUV safety is constantly improving with airbags and rollover protection, anti-lock brakes, traction control, compatibility with other vehicles and pedestrian concerns. It is essential to keep in contact with the manufacturer of a sports utility vehicle so that you can be updated with the latest recalls, service bulletins and other important information. Gas prices are rising and because of this, SUVs that get more gas mileage are getting more popular.

These vehicles often have similar engines as pick-up trucks but with increased popularity in the urban segment, many luxury features have been added. They also have lower ground clearance and suspension designed mainly for paved city roads with the added advantage of being able to raise the suspension to go off-road. This feature is something which is not offered in many cars. Higher ground clearance is useful in places with heavy snowfall.

Reviled by many as that gas-guzzling, carbon-emitting vehicle, SUVs nonetheless have their fair share of admirers and nothing pleases them more than driving these super-powerful vehicles especially on rough and rugged terrain.