The Autocruise Alto – Is This New Motorhome Up To The Job?


The Autocruise Alto - Is This New Motorhome Up To The Job?

The Swift group, one of the UK’s leading caravan companies, bought the autocruise company three years ago and since then has extended its range of van conversions. The Autocruise Alto is its new offering based on the popular Peugeot Boxer van. So how does it stack up?

The Alto comes with s standard 2.2 litre 120bhp engine, with a six speed gearbox. It is comfortable ride and will cruise along happily on the motorway at seventy miles per hour. The seats that are the most comfortable are in the cab. They swivel around allowing you to become part of the living area. The remaining two seats are setup in a rigid position but do have seat belts for travelling, the downside is they have no lumbar support so for long journeys they are not very comfortable.

The dining table is stored above the cab, but it is not too cumbersome or heavy to put in to place when it is required. For a motorhome of this size which sleeps three there is a surprising amount of storage space available. For instance the eye-level lockers above the kitchen area fold as they open which when compared to the single piece door between the kitchen, bed and fridge as it is rather confined. The kitchen area is rather basic but it is functional. You get a two-burner hob with a combined grill and oven but it is fairly small in size.

The fixed rear bed is 1.2 metres wide which in my opinion quite narrow, the third occupant will need to swivel the drivers seat to then make a third bed. Autocruise call this ‘Occasional small bed that could sleep two small children’. They are not kidding; an adult really would not want to sleep on that.

As this is in essence a compact van there you have to expect some compromises in certain areas. With this it is the bathroom area. In fairness thought there is everything you will need including shower, cassette toilet and a flip-down washbasin. There is also some space to hang towels. Bear in mind though if you have hung your towels, then have proceeded to take a shower then your towels are going to get wet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The advantage of using a panel van conversion such as the Peugeot Boxer is that it is built within a standard shell, this means that you unlikely to experience any water ingress, unlike specific coach built motorhomes. There are also large rear doors, because of the position of the bathroom though it makes it difficult to get in from the back.

This is a great motorhome for a couple as it has everything you will need. If you are looking to use a motorhome for a family though then it will be a tight squeeze and you would be better suited to a coach-built unit.