The Best Side By Side on the Market! Hands Down!


The Best Side By Side on the Market! Hands Down!

You might’ve noticed that 2011 is getting an Arctic-style overhaul. Truthfully, we could’ve introduced better traction and left it at that. But we decided to increase our ride technology and goose our Prowler’s overall power. When all was said and done, we created four cornerstones to give your Prowler everything it needs to make the outdoors more fun. Select Traction, Ride, Power, or Capacity to learn more.

EPS Electionic Power Steering

This technology means business, even at idle. An electronic power steering (EPS) system designed specifically for Arctic Cat®, it reduces the torque necessary to steer your ATV while changing direction or navigating rough terrain. An electronic unit provides assistance to the steering column through a sealed, brushless electric motor, which measures steering input force versus tire resistance and vehicle speed. Three different inputs (MPH, handlebars and wheels).

Suspension Travel

Once you own a Prowler, get used to fearing nothing. Mainly because they have the double A-arm fully independent suspension with preload adjustable shocks on your side. That’s 10″ of suspension travel and 10″ of ground clearance. Your confidence to tackle rugged terra and handle tight turns on the trail will grow with every outdoor adventure.

Comfort Technology

Even the bumpiest terrain can be tamed. And the Prowler line is equipped with features to do just that. A fully independent suspension with 10″ of suspension travel and 10″ of ground clearance keeps you above the rigors of the trail. Bucket seats keep you seated in ultimate comfort, tilt steering in our XTX and HDX adjust to your riding style and the electronic power steering (EPS) system in our XTZ and HDX helps give you a smoother, more confident ride. It’s a comfort combo that every Prowler owner can be proud of.

HDX Rear Cargo

You’re not going out there without all your gear, are you? Didn’t think so. Our Prowlers come with an easily accessible, hard-working rear cargo box that has a 600 lb. capacity. Now you can bring everything along for that outdoor excursion without sacrificing anything because of space.

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