Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Chinese ATV


Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Chinese ATV

It’s true that every ATV enthusiast would dream of owning a top of the line Honda or Yamaha ATV, a Bombardier or Polaris – but, hey, not everyone will have that kind of money for such luxury. Yet, your enthusiasm to ride and your love for an ATV are good enough reasons for you to go on a hunt to buy a really affordable machine, or at least, one that fits your pocket size.

Used ATVs

If you are looking to buy a second hand machine, you must remember to find out why it is being sold and the condition of the machine. ATVs are not being used for light and easy types of activities, so you may want to really get detailed information of how the ATV was used. Perhaps the seller may be genuine when he or she tells you that they have only done some flat trails and sand riding and have never done airborne tricks with the machine or any other extreme activities with it – or perhaps not. If you are seriously considering a used ATV, you may be getting it at a really great deal but you also have to bear in mind that you may need to do some repair works on the machine after you buy it over.

Chinese ATVs

There is, however, an alternative option – the Chinese ATVs. Chinese manufactured ATVs are generally a lot cheaper compared to the “branded” ones. The great thing about these Chinese ATVs are the engines tend to be the cloned versions of the Japanese engines, hence, you only pay a fraction of price of a top of the line ATV when you go for a Chinese ATV. You have to, however, accept the fact that these Chinese manufactured ATVs may not be as well finished as the “branded” ones. It is not to say that they are of inferior quality, it’s just that the finishing of Chinese ATVs may not be as refined as those bigger names ATVs.

Be forewarned though, the quality control over Chinese ATVs could be quite an issue as some Chinese manufacturers are more concerned about production in quantity than quality. This is one reason why you have to check and be sure of the type of warranty that you are getting for the Chinese ATV that you intend to buy. Do check with the dealer to see if they have the ATV parts available in stock with them – in case you need a replacement for certain parts of the machine (you never know when you need one!). Some dealers will claim that they do have the parts available when, as a matter of fact, they will only place an order from the manufacturer as and when such parts are needed and they do not have the physical stocks with them. This can be quite frustrating if you have to wait for one part to be replaced in order to get your ATV working because your wait could be as long as months, if not weeks.

It is best that you buy a model that has its parts available as and when you need them. Even if the dealer that sells you the machine may not have the parts available at all times, be sure to check with them if there are other dealers selling the same model that keeps the parts so that you can get the parts easily whenever you need them. At Jackel Motorsports, they do have quite a few great looking ATV models that could be exactly what you are looking for, and yes, they also have the parts of the ATVs too. Another additional plus point about their ATVs – the prices are quite competitive too.

Remember, with a little extra research and homework done for your hunt for the most affordable ATV, you can be assured that it will be all worth it when you finally get to bring the machine home. A little extra work before you part with your hard earned money for your “dream machine” isn’t going to kill you – it could save you a lot of heartaches.