Used Touring Caravans – 3 Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Buy Touring Caravans


Used Touring Caravans - 3 Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Buy Touring Caravans

The market for used touring caravans in the UK is vibrant with lots of bargains available for those who have the patience to shop around. There are several factors that have given rise to this golden opportunity.

1). The time of year – there is always an increase in the availability of secondhand touring caravans heading into winter. This is a seasonal trend that a patient buyer can take advantage of.

2) The chaos in the world’s financial markets. Many part time or dormant caravaners might be feeling the pinch and believe that the caravan sitting on their balance sheet might be better converted to cash! These represent probably the best buys if you can find them for two reasons. Firstly the caravan probably hasn’t seen much action and is in good nick, and secondly, these types of sellers are likely to drop their asking price fairly easily in order to secure the cash.

3) With the world economy taking a beating, a once off investment in a touring caravan that can be used to go on holiday again and again, beats having to fork out for airtickets and hotel rooms or B&B fees every time you feel like taking a break.

The UK market in second hand touring caravans is blessed with a rich abundance of brand names to choose from.From locally built to imported brands, they all have a good network of dealers for servicing and repair and some of the brands even have their own caravan club for owners.

These clubs provide for a great source of information, not only covering the particular brand, but also for more general caravanning information, including news on great destinations and club rallies.

So while the world ponders what is going to happen next, why don’t you be decisive and choose to go on a caravanning holiday in your newly acquired second hand touring caravan.