Vintage Cars – Cadillac


Vintage Cars - Cadillac

Part of enjoying vintage cars is celebrating their history. Some people look at vintage cars for sale and cannot see beyond their price tag. They can certainly be expensive. Today a new or even a used Cadillac is going to set you back a pretty penny. Try to lay your hands on a genuine antique and the prices can be downright intimidating for most people. But back in the early 1900’s, the Cadillac was actually hawked as an economical vehicle to run. In fact, the price for a Cadillac in 1903 was only $750.

Henry M. Leland, a former marine engine maker in Detroit, was the man responsible for bringing Cadillac to the world. Before there was Cadillac, there was the Detroit Auto Company. Mr. Leland helped back this company and when he had a falling out with Chief Engineer Henry Ford, a change was in the air. Leland and Ford did not see eye to eye on Ford’s motor designs. Ford was relieved of his position.

The company was renamed Cadillac after a reorganization. The goal of the Cadillac Automobile Company was providing the highest quality product with a focus on precision. Cadillac advertisements were centered around how close the cars came to perfection and also placed a strong emphasis on the lower maintenance costs of Cadillacs compared to other vehicles of the day. General Motors purchased Cadillac from Leland in 1909 for a price of four and a half million dollars.

Advertisements of the day listed some of the following features and prices for Cadillac models:

Model F – This was a side entrance touring car. Its price was $950.

Model B – Another touring car by Cadillac. The Model B featured a detachable Tonneau and was priced at $900.

Model E – The Model E was classified as a “runabout.” Its main features were being light and stylish, yet powerful. It came with a divided seat and a sticker of $750.

Model D – For $2,800 you bought yourself a thirty horsepower, four cylinder beauty.