Why Pay More For Your ATV When You Can Get it For Less?


Why Pay More For Your ATV When You Can Get it For Less?

With the ever growing of popularity of the Chinese ATVs in the market, it is not surprising that one is able to save thousands of dollars buying ATVs these days. The prices of ATVs used to be rather expensive – so much so that it seems like only the rich can afford to get their own ATVs back then. But now, with Chinese ATVs, or off brand ATVs, just about anyone who loves the thrills and excitement of ATV riding can now have their very own ATVs.

This is not to say that it is a bad thing to buy “branded” ATVs (by all means, if you can afford one, go ahead and get it), but why would you want to pay more for your ATVs when you can get the same quality of ATVs at a fraction of the cost of a “branded” ATV? Is it worth it to cough out thousands more just for the sake of the brand name of the ATV? If you happen to have a big family and each person in your family wants to have their own ATV, your bank account has to be really “fat” in order to get those “branded” ATVs for each of them!

Off brand ATVs are not made of inferior quality – contrary to what some may say. We agree that there may be some unscrupulous ATV dealers or manufacturers out there who are more interested in money making than producing quality ATVs, but this does not mean that every off brand ATV dealers that you find in the market are after your money only.

There are reliable ATV dealers such as http://www.jackel.com or http://www.kidatv.com that provide great after sales service – they even have the ATV parts available so that whenever you have an “emergency” with your machine, it can be resolved almost immediately. When dealing with Chinese ATV dealers or off brand ATV dealers, you must always remember to check with them on the availability of the ATV parts. Some dealers may claim that they have the parts but they will only order them as and when needed and not have the actual physical ATV parts available in their stores. It can be quite frustrating when you are dealing with dealers like these, as you may have to wait for months, if not weeks for the parts to arrive. There have been cases where the parts never did arrive!

Pricing is an important factor when it comes to buying an ATV – especially if it is for your child. After all, you would not know how long their interest in ATVs would last and if you were to buy them one that cost you thousands of dollars and they lose interest in just months, wouldn’t it be equivalent as throwing your hard earned money into the fire? Hence, it makes a lot of sense getting them cheaper (but certainly not inferior!) ATVs until you are sure that your kid is really passionate about ATV riding before you invest more into their hobby.